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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


KaMRepos is a map repository where you can upload and download Knights and Merchants (Remake) maps. It's accessible for everyone, but only registered members (forum account) can upload, vote and comment. KaMRepos was developed by T*AnTi-V!RuZz, the Administrator as a service for members.

KaMRepos has been developed mainly because at the time of development, there was no centralized map database. Also, The Remake didn't allow maps to be transferred between players or in a lobby, so this way it's easy to download a map if you're missing one for online play.

This repository has taken some precious time from it's developer. Please consider donating a small amount to support and it's community. You can find the donation buttons at the bottom of every page. Donations will only be used for and its server, not for personal use. If you do not wish to donate but just to say "thank you", that's also highly appreciated. You can contact T*AnTi-V!RuZz by PM on the forum or send an email to

You won't get anything special in return (that's been discussed quite a few times), but if you really want we can change your usergroup to Donator (so everyone can see you donated/contributed). You can request this during the payment or by PM / email once your payment has been verified.


Maps can be downloaded by everyone, but a few features are members-only:

  • Rating a map (voting)
  • Commenting on a map
  • Uploading a map


Q: How do I install a downloaded map?

Our moderator Ben has created a nice video explaining how to install a map: VIDEO

When you click the Download link, a ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer. When you open it, you will see a folder, named after the map. It contains the following files:

- .dat
- .map
- .mi
- .txt
- OPTIONAL: readme.txt / instructions.txt / etc.

Extract the folder (the folder itself, not the files!) to the KaMRemake "MapsMP" folder for multiplayer maps and "Maps" folder for single player maps. Restart KaM Remake after installing the map.

Q: How do I upload a map?

Note: Map Creators are encouraged to supply a 'readme.txt' in their ZIP upload with instructions to install the map. Consider this a best-practice!

Make sure you're logged in with your forum account. If you don't have one, you can create one here. Visit the "My Maps" page and see the "Upload Map" section. Please enter:

- Map name
- Description (max 100 chars)
- Category
- Single Player or Multiplayer

Then proceed to upload the files:

Aside from the map file itself (ZIP), you're able to upload screenshots simultaneously.
Note: all files must be in the same folder!

- The upload screen is MULTI-FILE. Use Ctrl+click to select multiple files.
- You can only select JPG, PNG and GIF files for screenshots.
- You can only select ZIP (not RAR) for the map itself.

Press the Upload button to upload your map. It will be placed in the repository automatically and it will detect the screenshots and the map file (ZIP) seperately.

Q: I don't want to upload a ZIP file. Can I upload my map any other way?

No. A map exists of multiple files and ZIPs are the best way to combine these files for download.

Q: I put my screenshots in the ZIP file, but they aren't shown in the repository. Why not?

The screenshots are uploaded separately from the map file. Please select your screenshots together with your map file (ZIP) to successfully upload them.

Q: I accidentally uploaded the wrong file(s)! Can I delete my map from the repository?

No, you cannot delete maps from the repository yourself. Please contact an Administrator with the reason you want your map deleted from the repository and the URL to the map page. You can also use the "Report Map" button on the Map page.

Q: I've updated my map. Do I have to reupload it or can I edit my existing map?

Please do not reupload a new version of your map. You're able to edit your old map. Select it from the Edit Map list in the Edit Map section, below the upload form and click Edit. Please review all of the fields, since all of them will be updated (except for the files, if you don't select any it will use the old ones).

If you upload a new version of you map, please give the ZIP file a version number. That way your old version will be preserved.

Q: How do I comment on a map?

Click the map's name in the repository. You will be taken to the map page, where you'll be able to comment on the map. You need to be logged in to do this!

Q: Can I edit my comment?

No, you cannot edit your comment. If you want your comment edited or deleted, please contact an Administrator.

Q: I'd like to report a comment. How?

Use the FLAG button in the comment you wish to report. An Administrator will be notified and review the comment.

Q: How do I vote on a map?

You can give a map a vote by using the vote option in the repository itself. Choose from numbers 1 (lowest) - 5 (highest). This feature is members-only!

Q: Can I vote more than once on a single map?


Q: Are you sure?


Q: Someone uploaded garbage. Can I report it?

Visit the map's page and click the Report button at the top. An Administrator will be notified by email and will review the upload.

I found a bug. Where do I report it?

You can send an email to or send a PM to T*AnTi-V!RuZz on the forum.

Q: Do I get a reward for reporting a bug?

You can have a forum cookie if you really want..

Q: Can I get banned from KaMRepos?

Yes, you can. All actions are logged and performed by registered users, which will be banned if purposefully abusing this repository. Abusing this repository as a guest will have even further consequences since you risk being banned by IP, which will cause you to be banned from ALL KAM REMAKE RELATED SERVICES and the Teamspeak Server too!