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KaM Remake Player Rankings




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Post 03 Feb 2018, 21:06

KaM Remake Player Rankings


Just wondering if any of the KaM community would be interested in developing an online player ranking for the KaM Remake? It works similar to the Elo Ranking system and would be a great way to see the top players in the game, and how you rank etc.

Me, my brother and cousin have began logging games between ourselves recently, and figured it would be awesome if everyone in KaM did the same thing.

The link to the site that does the ranking for us can be found here:

If you're interested, post a reply here with the name you use in KaM and an email address you use regularly. I can log your details onto the ranking site, and every time you play a match against someone, all you'd need to do is reply in here the results of the game (i.e. who came first through to eighth) and I can update it. The ranking system supports up to eight players, and I'm all ears for any other suggestions.

It'd be great if we could get a database of all the regular KaM players.




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Post 04 Feb 2018, 10:33

Re: KaM Remake Player Rankings


Would be good a kind of ranking system of course.
But there are few little problems...
1st the community is small--> almost everybody knows everybody and we know that who are the biggest noobs around (high ball :wink: )
2nd would need a registration system- it is not really supported by developers at this moment, sorry it was not. I don't know actually what is their thoughts about the developement directions.(Would be cool to read a topic about their further plans with the game :P :mrgreen: )
3rd there are many different divisions, I mean gametypes. Tactical, building, scripted, 1v1 4v4 etc... Hard to make a fair judge system. To me a scipted game with PT120 with infinity starting resources has less value than a short PT game with low starting food etc....
4th even hard to measure who did the best performance in a 4v4 match. Who made the most kills, really? killed 40bows or 20knights? This system would need lots of discussions to be very fairy.

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