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Summarization the previous message




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Post 13 Apr 2018, 18:42

Summarization the previous message


I would like to quickly summarize the previous conversation: because I owe you one.
Let me introduce myself (maybe it would be helpful for you or other people who would like to know me better). I think I owe it Paulina mainly because she does not know who I am, but I know her a little:)

I have experience working as a UX Designer: preparing benchmarks or (test/usability) screenshots including short comments were one of my duties, this is why I decided to use them to illustrate the game.
I studied simultaneously Fine Arts and Design (mainly Graphic Design) at Academy of Fine Arts (UK as well). After graduation, I started coding to become a Web Designer.

You mentioned high school: it was High School of Fine Arts, actually.

I am glad, you are happy and satisfied with your job. I misunderstood probably your description I saw in the lobby that time.
Unfortunately, I cannot apply to your factory, Paulina, because this kind of job is not related to my working experience. In my last job position (1 year and 8 months as UX Engineer) I was responsible in a design team for a web app being used by over 1 million people. This month I started freelancing and decided to change my career path (I am aspiring JS Developer now).

Well, I understand your attitude little more: you will avoid people you do not know: that is all right and I wish you all the best games with people you already know (maybe on the same locations to master your craft). Would you be so kind to write a list, who can join your lobby? Other people were kicked as well, this would be really helpful for potential new players (I am sure, I will be the first one on the list, but I like to be the first one xd!).

This is a win-win deal: you will not be disappointed and other gamers experience will not be lowered.

I also understood 1 more thing: this game can be really addicting! 1 game takes about 80 mins. Playing only 1 daily in a week gives us almost... 10 hours! It can be used for any Udemy course instead with a much higher ROI (return on investment) index.

Paradoxically, I am happy, that there is not a spot for me, because I can stay focused on my new career path. I guess I will be back (maybe) anyway in a couple of weeks/months: real life is more interesting to me than this game, but I will probably try to check, what was changed in the Kam World in that time.

Additionally: if any of my words were offensive for any of this conversation participant: I am really sorry for that.
I am driven in life by the truth and justice: that is why I decided to write that post and tried to present my arguments as best as I could.

I am happy, that you believe in your superpower, Mex. You reminded me Nietzsche and his ideas. I like romanticism very much.

Well, people are trying to communicate and understand their motivations here, Ben. It is hard to communicate, we probably all failed, but we really tried.
Nothing serious happened, nobody was killed hihi:)


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Post 14 Apr 2018, 14:25

Re: Summarization the previous message

Telling someone "you suck because you work at a shoe factory" is the lowest, lowest thing you can possibly do. It reminds me of people going to fastfood places and telling their children "you need to study hard or you will end up selling food to people like that guy over here". It's none of your business where somebody works, and it's low to use arguments like this in a discussion. You made a post boasting about being better than the others because you are a web designer. You are so entitled and full of yourself that it makes me wanna puke. Also, you had to have the last word in this topic, completely ignoring moderator's pledge to not continue this thread. And you dare to talk about respect for the community? Just like others already noticed, accusing someone of having no life except for KaM falls short when you are the one who puts 18 pictures and writes walls of text, just to show the world how you were right and others were wrong. I wish you to be less bitter in real life.



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Post 14 Apr 2018, 16:52

Re: Summarization the previous message

Are you sure? I did not say anything like that. I decided to present myself a bit only because Paulina already introduced herself.
The story you try to tell is a misinterpretation. Please do not fabricate any of my sentences.
I tried to summarize the whole case and say "well, it is okay, nothing really happened, let's move on".
Taking one side of the conversation (because you and Pauline play together in one team, what you mentioned) without any objective approach to understanding the situation does not allow you to write anything like that.
I live in a free World and I have a right to present my opinions until I have valid arguments. Or any arguments, but not confabulations. I presented them as well as I could.
I can see now exactly what Vukess was mentioning in his observation.
Some people were content that I wrote it because they experienced a similar situation (Pauline's rude behavior).
I am leaving the conversation: feel free to delete my posts/account, as it does not fit your mental model.



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Post 17 Apr 2018, 15:29

Re: Summarization the previous message

java can you shut up ? you need to cry about people ??

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Post 17 Apr 2018, 19:22

Re: Summarization the previous message

I do think that Pauline was a little rude (I don't know her like that, her responses in the other topic shook me a little), but a story always has two sides and I wasn't there to judge. However, any credibility you had was lost when you decided to write this post. Whether you meant it that way or not, it has a very nasty undertone. You are not any better because you have experience working as a UX designer. Surely you have the right to introduce yourself, but it was completely unnecessary to draw Pauline's job into this.
You sound very bitter and I understand why, because some people haven't been treating you well. But nothing they did to you can excuse you for the trash talk you just did on an open forum, where anyone can read everything.

Topic closed.

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