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How to delete scripted overlay button on map




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Post 28 Jan 2019, 05:13

How to delete scripted overlay button on map

Hi guys,

Recently, I used map editor to convert multiplayer maps into single maps. However, in the map Cursed Ravine, when the game starts, there is a button on the top left of the screen, it is described as "scripted overlay", which shows unnecessary multiple lines about game's achievement status. Here is the screenshot:

The only option I have is to hide it, but the symbol is still there. Is there anyway to delete that button from the map instead of hiding it?

Thank you.



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Post 01 Feb 2019, 20:13

Re: How to delete scripted overlay button on map

Try to increase resolution. This button is shown when text is too long in viewport.

EDIT: I think you cannot remove it.


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Post 02 Feb 2019, 09:43

Re: How to delete scripted overlay button on map

It is defined in the .script file in the map's folder.
You can remove it, of course... if all the script does is set the overlay, then you can just delete the file.
Else, you have to edit the script to remove the overlay.
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Post 03 Feb 2019, 19:57

Re: How to delete scripted overlay button on map

You converted FwF version of Cursed, you should convert the normal one instead. You can just delete the script in modified map, too, for the same effect.
If you actually wanted to have the FwF version of the map (fun with flags is a mode with achievements etc.), then you would have to find the lines in script which are related to showing the overlay, and delete them, but this may not be too easy, if you don't have some programming knowledge.

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