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Where to start

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2019, 20:36
by MrRoomcreek
Hi all,

I downloaded KAM remake last week, and i am in love again with this game. Gives me memories from when i was young. Played the campaign and looked a bit at some replays on youtube from multiplayer games.
But, is it possible to get into the multiplayer somehow? it seems like everyone is playing this game for so long already that is must be hard to find a noob opponent for me? are there any good video's i can see where to start? is there someone that can help me get into MP? questions questions.

would like to hear some opinions on this,

thanks in advance,

(dutch player)

Re: Where to start

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2019, 14:43
by thunder
Hi Mr R.C.,

Nice to see after almost 2 decades still there are players looking back to ancient games :P

In the follow topic can find several good 'shoutcasts'. Some of the videos presents how to improve the performance your villages.
Even I guess here on this forum should find several topics about the strategies etc.

Can find players on
(Currently players are using version 6720, but already 9700 is avaiable also)

I would recommend to start with the no scripted, 60minutes gamings to catch up the basics quickly. Scripted games used to have some comfort solutions and new features.

I guess players are always happy to see new members.
I would recommend to first look after a building challange on Golden Cliffs. That will help to increase your performance and will be easier to answer question how much you can do in 60mins on an average location. :mrgreen:

Have fun!