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new animations

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2019, 15:15
by Siegfried89
Hello Kam fans.

I want to add some Graphical improvements to this game. But in order to do so i need some information from a modders perspective.

My goals: Make Knights and merchants more bloody = change the ghost animations into dying animations of the fallen soldiers with blood - and if it is in ANY way possible ( i think so) - let the Bodys stay permament on the ground, so that it looks like a real Battlefield after a big battle. Maybe it is possible to loop the last Sprite so that they stay there.??
+ Adding Weather Effects like rain and flash and thunder, and Improved Audiofiles especially for the units - with battle sound for immersion that will add perfectly battle atmosphere to it.

I know this is alot of work but im determined to do it myself if neccesary (for example the tons of different sprites i need for the death animations).I have the time and the endurance for it. Any help would be great though, even if it would be just informations.
So editing the sprites itself is not the Problem though time consuming.
But is it just as easy as to put the edited sprites back in an RX file? I know how to open them, but how to compress it back to the RX files so that the game can read them? or are they neccesary at all?

It would be great If somwhere in this forum I recieve some help and answers my questions.
Have a great day fellows!

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2019, 16:05
by Ben
New artists are especially welcome to the community. The Remake has always needed people like you, sadly, though I believe no fan art ever made it into the game beyond a simple iron here or there.

My goals: Make Knights and merchants more bloody = change the ghost animations into dying animations of the fallen soldiers with blood

I'm not an expert on modding Remake code, but I do know a bit about modding the sprites. I do not believe that lingering death animations are possible without modifying code, so your proposition here is quite difficult. For multiplayer, as you might know, editing sprites is an easy mod since these can be run locally on user's own games. Modding code, itself, requires everyone in the game to be running the same modded game. I do not think you can get enough support in this small community for a drastic visual change to be implemented into the offical game.

Adding Weather Effects like rain and flash and thunder, and Improved Audiofiles especially for the units - with battle sound for immersion that will add perfectly battle atmosphere to it.

Audio changes are already possible and actually exist in the game right now. Using "dynamic scripts," you can load audio files onto a map for ambient sounds. Visual weather/ambiance, on the other hand, would require mods. If you can make some nice, professional artwork, I imagine that you could convince the developers to find a way to have dynamic scripts support your graphics.


Re: new animations

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2019, 16:45
by Siegfried89
thanks for the suggestion. I also think if the people here would actually SEE how cool that would look like--- they would make a petition or something for it. I know how it will look like because it is all in my Head. I already imagine it. Never say never. nothing is impossible. I actually wanted this to be an enhacement firstly for singleplayer because im not so much an multiplayer KAM player ( because its sometimes too stressfull). The one question I have is still : How to put the (via the debug mode) exported and then edited sprite data files into readable RX data files again so that the game can read them?

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2019, 06:51
by Ben
I suppose we cannot know until we see it! Of course, if you intend for the mod to be used primarily for singleplayer, nothing would stop you from using the mod.

To replace in-game sprites with the exported images, you'll need to place your edited images into a folder called "Sprites" in your kam remake directory. . The edited image needs to have the same name as the original exported image. For example, if you take an exported tile named "f0023_1.png" then you would edit the image and place it in C:\\Program Files\\KaM Remake\Sprites\f0023_1.png

Let me know if you need additional information.

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2019, 15:11
by Siegfried89
Thank you very much. I will try it right away. I am actually already at work at editing and painting the sprites, as my goal is to make them look as similar as possible as if they would come from the original game. Im not the best artist, but i want to show a polished "product" in the preview.

Is it not neccesary to convert the Sprites back to a RX File??
I think i tried it once, to put the original exported complete Sprite folder in the KAM directory for testing this, and it didnt read it, in fact I got a CTD.

Thanks for answering and helping me to get this project forward.

Edit: It doesnt work. There are 9 files in the Sprites folder which are named
- Trees_a
- Trees
- Tileset
- Houses_a
- Houses
- GUIMain
- GUI_a
- Units_a
- Units

.. all of them are RX files. I tried to replace the "Units_a" RX file with the exported one (which is a normal folder where i already put the edited Sprites in) and moverd the original RX file completely out of it. Tested it-- none of the new animations show up though they are named correctly. - I tried to remove the "Units" RX file as well.... and then i got CTDs.

Thanks for your help so far Ben,
very much appreciated

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2019, 12:16
by Siegfried89
It would be helpful if I could test the new animation if it is working ingame. you go. I finally managed to post a preview of the first animation. I made it in two days, and i know its not complete. and in the uploaded GIF the Picture seems to be "cut" on the side, allthough it isnt, but the right side is not shiown, i dont know why..

Anyways, I hope this give you all a better Idea what im talking about and this is just the very beginning.
Later I will create Sprites for the Weather Effects like rain, and

* * +* * +* * *
+** * * + * +*

And the Sprites needed for a battlefield feel of a ravaged Land, Field fortifications, Barricades..... and so on

more previews will follow. Tell me your feedback. When this is finished I will add this as an upload for anyone who wants this submod for the KAM Remake

Heres will be a few Sprites that I made just for fun. first: The Fortress a bigger Version of the Barracks

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2019, 02:53
by Ben
Back when I was making sprite mods for KaM Remake, I simply had to put the files into ..\kam remake\Sprites, as you have done. Could empty your \Sprites directory and see if KaM Remake crashes after you start a game? If not, try a more simple mod-- edit a single tile and see if you are able to get that to change without a crash.

Let me know what happens.

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 19 Nov 2019, 15:49
by Siegfried89
I really have no Idea anymore... :(

I tested your suggestion in every possible variation.

the strange thing is, for example:

If I try to remove the House rx file and replace it (or even do not replace it at all) with a modded sprite (like a different colored house) for testing...... nothing changes ingame. It does look like the old one. (allthough the Sprites should be in this File!!??) Are they even used or neccesary because after removing them completely out of KAM the game does still work.

If I instead remove the House_a (which is ONLY for animations like flags for the houses and so on) then the game crashes when loading a map with buildings.

I think I really have to convert the whole modded Folder into a RX file do I? Is it in your game a RX file as well? Or is it just a normal Folder?

I seriously dont know ho to test it without knowing exactly THIS

If ANYONE else knows how to solve this please let me know. I will try to figure it out myself meanwhile.

EDIT: Ok... after some reading in the forum (especially the topic and nice graphics of snowy houses) I read a readme from the downloadable Sprites. There it is explained i think... i will try


"This folder contains replacement images for original KaM sprites.
In order to replace some sprite you should name it in following format:

#_####.png - main graphic
#_####.txt - offset information, 2 lines, X and Y offset in pixels
#_####a.png - player color mask area

First digit is RX library index. Second array of 4 digits is sprite index.
For example to replace main menu logo use: 5_0004.png

Images whose indexes are outside of original ranges will be ignored."

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2019, 21:33
by Rey

I am working on KaM Remake at the moment as main developer.
We need artist like you indeed, adding new graphic was always a bottle neck for some of the new features. Like snow houses, f.e.
Ben's suggestion about Sprites folder was correct, but since you have some problems it'll be much easier to communicate via discord on KaMRemake official discord channel -
Please contact me and will try to help

Good luck

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2019, 20:41
by Siegfried89
Heiho fans. a little artwork to inspire and motivate you :)

little story of this : The defenders had time to prepare for the Attack.... because later it was told there was a spy from another realm in the attacking army... CAN YOU SPOT HIM?
hint: the spy is a soldier from the attackers..

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2019, 10:46
by Siegfried89
Hello Kam fans: Here i upload my little asthetic mod "europoean style/ or stronghold style pikeman" for you to download. It does change the appearance of the Pikemen unit.

Just place it in a folder named "sprites" in your Kam directory. you dont have to make a backup for the original files. If there does not exist one, create a new folder. Dont get confused (like me before) with the sprites folder in the Kam/data/sprites path. It is not the ultimate version, so there will stil be some fixes in the future, but for now everybody can test it. I will make additional Unit modifications in the future. ... SCJIa0D8og

I uploaded it to modDB. I have put the link here for a more permanent download option. ... keman-skin

I post this here to make this known to a broader audience. If the link expired, pls tell me and i will refresh it.

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 20 Dec 2019, 14:06
by Siegfried89
Hello here is a new preview of a ne (one of the many projects) for a new unit skin :

A viking warrior

have a look ;)

there will be more unit skin mods in the furture

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2019, 13:30
by RandomLyrics
Looks cool! Keep it up:) id love to see it in game!

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 29 Dec 2019, 18:57
by Siegfried89
Ok. Sorry for not stopping buy that often. most of the times i forget about the forum because of discord. But Heres an update what im currently working on and what i made so far. I hope you Kam fans like it. Maybe some things will be included in a future version, but if not, ill release them anyway. Have a look ;)

Re: new animations

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2020, 14:45
by Siegfried89 ... 9863903255

Here you will see recent and up to date running projects.