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How to bring back Town Hall and Siege Weapons

PostPosted: 19 Apr 2020, 16:16
by Uwotm8

First I have to say its amazing to play this Remake. The upgrades are good, and the game is more balanced than ever.
Howewer, I have to say I am disappointed over the fact that these 2 building were cut from the game.
I understand its your authority to decide what to actually code in etc.
I often feel in fan-made mods that some features that do get cut is preference-based therefore some people will miss them.
Finding them "unbalanced" or not good for this game is preference. It would be nice to have these in the game with an option to actually disable in multiplayer or not building it in single.
First about town hall: the main problem is that it can be spammed to quickly hire an army for only gold. Howewer, gold is a limited resource on most maps(gated by gold ore and/or coal) so having some hired army would be cool. First of all, gold too have to be produced, in 3 steps (coal-ore-gold). Its only 1 or 2 step less than a normal army unit. Also, they are generally weaker than normal army units. The best solution would be to limit the number of the building to one. As it makes sense that there is only 1 town hall per town. So you couldn't mass a hired army quickly, as the better units would need time to actually get gold to the Town hall. As serfs need time to deliver gold to the building. So maxing the number of TH to 1 would be lore friendly and also balanced imo. (Again, it could be turned off in multiplayer games) In the middle ages, mercenaries were a thing.

About the siege shop. 5 iron and 5 wood is pretty big investment imo, again iron is gated by available coal or iron ore. And it takes time to deliver these resources. The fact that they are op is the fact that an unlimited number can be built( also the fact that ballista is much better then catapult). These units adds flavor to the game, and catapult could be the remedy for a turtling player and his 100 towers. The solution would be to limit the number that can be buillt. Its lore friendly as no armies had dozens of siege engines in the middle ages. A limit of say 2-3 would be best. Also they should be very fragile so archers could easily destroy them( or some scouts) . The fact that they are moving without somebody moving them is minor thing, KAM while realistic isn't 100% a simulation. (Like recruit throwing a big stone to really far, etc). If sy insist on animating it could be a horse pulling them(also building them would need a horse, nerfing them by giving them more cost)

Imo these would make these features balanced.

Feel free to comment on my suggestions.

Re: How to bring back Town Hall and Siege Weapons

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2020, 03:20
by Rey

KaM Remake development continues, and Townhall was added there. You can download latest beta version r11537 from Discord channel:

Re: How to bring back Town Hall and Siege Weapons

PostPosted: 20 Apr 2020, 13:40
by Uwotm8
Yes, I played them. Its good. Also interesting, with the high cost but big capacity of the town hall. What about the Siege Engine?
Also shouldn't Warrior and Barbarian have different values, as currently (and in original) they are pretty much just reskins. What if Warrior would be 1 atk 4 defense?