Post 05 Jul 2020, 08:40

Campaings walktrough + limitations for greater realism r6720

Hi everyone.
I am new user and happy to find out this forum.

I would like to share with you my videos on youtube that show how battles and building economy can look like if apply some rules, such as: primarly - don't lure out enemy units away from their positions by using bowmen or don't benefit from pre-scripted actions that enemy units rush to my base in very sloppy way -> they become easier prey for even a much smaller army.

More about these limitations you can read in the description of each videos.

Here is the link to my channel and playlist for these videos. I skipped missions where there is only fighting.
or you can search with this phrase "Knights and Merchants No exploits"

Whould you like to replay campaings with these kind of rules? Does it look like funnier than your previous walkthroughs? Please comment. Thanks for attentions.