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It's time for the 2nd 2v2 tournament!




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Post 08 Dec 2019, 00:47

It's time for the 2nd 2v2 tournament!

Hello everyone!

This post is all about your opinions and ideas about the shape of the 2nd tournament, the mistakes from the last tournament, and also to see if you guys are still alive and ready for the competition!

I just want to say I am rdy to organize the 2nd tournament and I need to know if it's a good time to make it next January .
Also I need a co-organizer who is available on team speak everyday.

I will be waiting to hear your thoughts about this so we can make it happen again!!

Regards Mandos.


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Post 09 Dec 2019, 13:48

Re: It's time for the 2nd 2v2 tournament!

Hi Mando! :wink:

I Think to a 2v2 tour would be fun again with a mid Jan start.
You probably could ask Kungen and Zato also about a tournament idea as they already could organise a succesfull 4v4 not a long ago.
I probably would find a mate to sign up.




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Post 10 Dec 2019, 08:52

Re: It's time for the 2nd 2v2 tournament!

I would be interested as well.. Even though not many ppl are active anymore..

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