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Mission files document released!




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Post 03 Jul 2007, 18:19

yeah, technically now everyone wants to play shooters, what a waste, even though some develpoers try to continue the strugle of making nice educational games,no doubt they are loosing, if you ask to a random person KaM he or she will not even know of it, but if u ask call of duty half life, EVERYONE WILL PROBABLY KNOW IT


Post 04 Jul 2007, 03:11

thats true but if i meat ppl who dont know it i just ask them if the want to try it comon the shops sell it for 5 bucks what do the got to lose


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Post 24 Jul 2007, 18:42

Do shops actually still sell KaM somewhere? Okay, I DID manage to find TPR for sale over here recently as well, (YES IN EUROPE!) of course I couldn't resist and bought it, meaning I actually have an English copy! No messing around with that Dutch one anymore. Here the game costs 20? though.



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Post 01 Sep 2007, 10:41

New guidebook in czech!

Hi guys, i have a question. Did anyone solve some of the AI commands? If there is any Czech in here, then listen. I made a guidebook in czech, that describes some of the commands and some of them are new! Compared to the guidebook Real Hotdog made it is approximately a 0.71 version, because there are some new commands described. like these:


and others.. So here it is, in Czech language, version 1.0.3

http : // www . edisk . cz / stahnout-soubor / 54515 / Knights---Merchants---vytvareni-novych-misi---1.0.3 . txt_23.02KB . html

remove all spaces! :wink:


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Post 01 Sep 2007, 16:47

Hm, there is already a other (shorter, but complete) guide by "nick".
Look in this thread.


!SET_AI_START_POSITION - Startposition of the AI
!SET_AI_CHARACTER TOWN_DEFENSE - If 0, they arent going to defend themself.
!SET_AI_NO_BUILD - Ai will not buld. Set it to !SET_AI_BUILD and they ll build
!SET_ALLIANCE (1) (1) - With which player the player is allied. First number: player ~ second number: 1 (on)
!SET_AI_DEFENSE - Just look around in this thread, and u ll find the answer of all ur questions^^



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Post 04 Oct 2007, 18:48

wish there could be a simple map and mission editor like the Warcraft III has. (dreams), but still... KaM is da best economy-war strategy.
ex; Stronghold..any1 tried? I did.and let me say it is kinda copied from KaM: theme of middleage, types of units, tho it has better graphics and again - nice map
mission editor.

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