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Yimah's first KaM map (Update)




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Post 10 Nov 2014, 13:59

Yimah's first KaM map (Update)


I recently picked up Kam again. I played it a lot as a kid. And now i discovered a remake of it... with a map editor in it! Awsome!

Since I just started playing again I had the feeling most of the maps where somewhat difficult for me. (Or it might just me being slow :) )
So I tried to make a map of my own with some combat in it, enough resources and space to build.

You are the son of the Frog King. Luckely for you a beautiful princes kissed you. But now your swamp is to small and you are set on a quest to find new land.
You found a nice spot to settle but first you need to get rid of a few angry peasants and some other crazy people who think frogs should stay in the swamp. Good luck!

There are 3 AI players in it. One with no base, one with a fixed base and one who has to build everything. Non of them are friends.

You start with a small army. Enough to keep the angry peasants away.

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to add any comment.

UPDATE: After the feedback I added some more elevation in the mountains. I gave the the AI another color and removed a small mountain so it has a litte more building space. I re-tiled the coalfiels. Changed the direction of the water and removed some trees.
The purple AI can now make leather infaterie and bowmen instead of just militia to make it a little more challenging. I gave the player a little less gold but a tavern and school to start with.

As always feedback is much appreciated.



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Duke Valennius

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Post 10 Nov 2014, 16:11

Re: Yimah's first KaM map


first of all: map is very flat. I'm sure someone else will bring that out, so why not be first ;). You may want to look at other maps and try to imitate it a bit (look at how starting area in town tutorial looks, or any other map really). Anyway, someone else might be able to give you better pointers on how to make it nicer. After you work on elevations I'm sure it will look pretty good. Trees, bushes, rocks, terrain tiles and other stuff seems to me to be pretty good, however the water looks odd (all tiles flowing in the same direction, probably done by "magic water"?).

Moving on to something more gameplay related. I'd say that amount of resources is little bit too generous, but since this is a map for beginners, it's not a huge problem. I haven't tested it very thoroughly, but isn't gold for building AI bit too far? (of course if you have it tested and AI is happy about it, no problem :) ). Speaking of building AI, it is very easy to avoid his army and kill of his workers, so giving him a bit more, well positioned army might be a good idea. But again, since it is beginner map, players might not troll AI with beginning army.

As a personal preference, I'd say entrances to purple's base are bit too narrow, but it may make it easier for AI to defend.

As a last notes, default player's colour is red, so having a red enemy might not be a very good idea. Also, peasants never attacked me, they just died of hunger :D

I hope that this doesn't sound too harsh, I'm just trying to give some constructive feedback. Overall, I think that your map will be great if you work on it a little more and that Remake could use beginner maps like these. I remember I once tried playing some single maps and got very frustrated on crazy skill level required ;).

So good luck with this and many more maps :)


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Post 10 Nov 2014, 16:49

Re: Yimah's first KaM map

There's many things to improve, so it'd the best, if you just watch some of map making videos:

I can see you put some effort in your map and you got idea for it, which is the most important when you make a map imo. You just need to gain some skill in map making and videos should help you with that :).

Few words about look. Most important thing you need to improve, are the mountains. They need to be elevated, so they actually look like a mountains :). So, more spikey. Check out mountains on maps like Rich Land or The Final Frontier.

As Valennius said, overall elevation needs to be done. Now it looks too flat.

About water, don't use magic water, it will look better, when you put water tile by tile. More work, but way better look.

Don't put all kind of trees in one place to make a forest. Try using 2 or 3 different types instead. Also, don't put trees too close to each other. For example, trees at area 53:46 are too close to each other, which looks bad, while trees at area 41:28 or 26:91 are placed pretty good.

When making coal, place it tile by tile (watch thunder's video to see how it's done), not by brush.

Duke Valennius wrote: default player's colour is red,
Hm, not anymore. In new release default color in map is gonna be the one set by map maker. But yeah, if it's AI, maybe it would be better, when you put some unpickable colour.

Keep making maps and have fun with editor! :)
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Post 10 Nov 2014, 17:44

Re: Yimah's first KaM map

Thanks both for your advice.
That video is a great help.

About the peasants. I mainly put them there so new players could have an easy fight at the start. But making them attack might be better since they suppose to be ''angry''.

There are indeed a lot of resources but you cant place the mines everywhere. I also assune that mines have a limited range? Or can 1 mine clear the whole moutain?

The entrance to purple is narrow indeed. But I did it so people dont just rush in, they can also use the second entrance.

But with all these tips I will try to make it better.


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