Post 10 Aug 2014, 20:52

Map indexes


Last time I heard about map selectation;) I've got an idea. An idea about a special map rating/indexing. This is almost perfectly objective number for simple bukding MP maps. Every number of the table is measurable. Only 100points is subjective which has 5 parts.
The thunder-index is a good base for developing a better calculation system because this number isnt counting with strategies and developing directions...
Only counting with starting resources, wares in the store, serfs labourers, buildable areas and with fightingzone detailes...etc. Everything is in the table.
I used some rates for a small number. So maybe a map has 6000 stone but the index will count less...So I create a rating system of the resources. Maybe not exact but for a start, it is good.
Unfortunately I still couldn't find out how balance the starting points and the fighting zone points. So I divided them two parts. The is location1s points, Average loc points and the global map point(this has the averageloc point+figthinzone points)
There are maps wich got lots of point just because the starting resources are lot but there are map with lots point which has very detailed fighting zone but has simple/average starting points...:S

So thunder-index is absolutaly objective number. The subjective part is under 10% of the points.
I just start it, i was courious what if there is an exact measurable thing, but this is a number, it wont tell you the game will be good or bad on the map.:)
You know campers could be everywhere;P

Have fun for the table

Some indexdeveloping ideas:
*calculate ith developing directions
*calculate with developing coninuity
*making better balance for the starting points
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