Post 03 Mar 2019, 19:26

Re: Csepel 3v3

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!
When I started to create this map, I wanted to create the best one for my taste, and my partner's taste actually. We both like the "base-shaped" locations, like in a classic KaM SP map, where you can build a city, and be able to defend it, by the help of the enviroment too, extending the playtime longer, and I know, nowadays the game style is fast paced like in StarCraft (okay, not actually like that, but you know), yet I loved to play for hours on Cursed Ravine for example, or Iceline. Maybe there are some players, like us. :D
I've added some more paths too by the way, and yeah, considering to add more, but not sure yet.
Thank you again.