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New 6p map



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Post 26 Sep 2014, 17:41

Re: New 6p map

Hey all,

Here is version 0.3 of my map :)
As you can see and maybe already saw on some screenshots i deleted the jungle, so it looks very different now!

Things to do:

- add objects at the middle
- look at the mountains for every loc
- finish the other locations
- add fish?
- make everything better at the points you think i have to improve

I will get some feedback for what i have done now, because it took me already >30 hours to make this :?

Here is a screenshot! :wink: :D
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Post 26 Sep 2014, 19:24

Re: New 6p map

Nice! :) It already looks pretty good.

I like the way you made those waterfalls in the middle, but remember to put ending tiles for them (probably #231 is the best). Also, the mountains in that water need some elevating, now they don't look good (I mean from top, especially that golden part needs some fixing).

Do you have in plans adding more stone for loc 3? Or do you want it to be divided like that? Cause I'm not sure it's gonna work well... And don't forget to give this loc more coal ;).
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