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What's wrong in this map?



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Post 26 Dec 2014, 20:36

Re: What's wrong in this map?

What ben basically meant is to make more variety within your brackets. i crafted a fast example for you.

i took the map you gave in post #1, and just edited it a little bit to make it more clear:


KaM Remake 2014-12-26 21-31-33.jpg


KaM Remake 2014-12-26 21-35-29.jpg

offcrouse i did not edit the elevation, but i believe you know that needed to be changed already :D
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Post 27 Dec 2014, 21:11

Re: What's wrong in this map?

Mmm... thanks, I think I understood now.

I'll work on it, and upload it when it will feel ready... if you won't mind judging it one more time, of course. :D

(Besides, I'll need some feedback on its finished script too :P )
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