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Multiplayer Map 1v1 Download




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Post 21 Jul 2008, 03:08

Multiplayer Map 1v1 Download

Hey guys :D

I used Krom's editor and Lewin's mission editor to make a multiplayer map for one on one games. I'll be testing it today with a mate and tell you if everything worked according to plan.

As it is: map should not be revealed.

Have a look at the screenshot. If you like it, download it! :)
The mapsize is small.. 122x122. That's what we wanted.


Download files (it's over map5: mountainous region) (in mmaps folder) (in mission folder).

Enjoy! :)



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Post 21 Jul 2008, 03:11

I tried to make it as fair as I could! :D


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Post 21 Jul 2008, 08:39

Looks good to me :)
Except maybe bridges, which are shaded a bit strange.

Unfortunately I can't test in action versus anyone (
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Post 03 Aug 2008, 07:53

Hi tml,
I've been meaning to test this for a while, but I only just got around to it. This is a really nice mission, I might play it with a friend one day.
Here are my suggestions:

- The water doesn't flow correctly. How to fix it: Update to version 0.5g of Krom's map editor. (if you haven't already) Open up your map, then on the menu click Advanced -> Show Flow. Now all the water tiles will have an arrow displaying which direction the water flows in. By trying different water tiles and rotations from the Tiles section on the left, you will find all the different directions. Then drag the right tiles over the river, and you can correct the flow. It really make the map look nicer if the water flows in the right direction.

- A few of the mountains are elevated too much. The stone hill at the top has a few really high peaks that look bad, and some other hills you can't see the far side of.

- More random objects are needed. You need to place little map objects like rocks, mushrooms, etc. all over the map. Have a look at some of the original maps, and you'll notice that they have objects everywhere. You've done well with the trees, but you also need to place other objects.

- The lower bridge is a bit uneven. Try to fix it up a bit.


- The mission needs more animals. Use the placement section of my editor to place them. Put some fish in the river, some crabs on the sands and a few more wolfs.

- There is no difference between the different starting supply settings. e.g. you should put some troops in the troops section, so when the players start the map they can choose if they want troops or not. The troops and buildings should have some extra buildings, like inn, school, stonemason etc. Have a look at the original multiplayer maps to understand what I mean.

I'd like to add this mission to my mission website. Once you've fixed these things, post it here and I'll put it on my site. That should give you more feedback, as more people check there.
Good work!

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