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The Land of Mercenaries



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Post 29 Jan 2016, 20:28

The Land of Mercenaries

A new 8p building map.. But this one has one nice feature - a possibility of building Townhall (!)
But when you build townhall, you'll only see HP, repairing and delivery. Then we created special platform where our Mercenaries stays


To build townhall, allow repairing your storehouse and place barracks. You also need metallurgist's as in TPR
To order one soldier, place road under AI soldier. To order 10 - field. To reset all your orders and equip soldiers (after pt) - click winefield on platform.
Serfs deliver gold in TH automaticly, so if you need it for another purposes, just block delivering.
To change priority of recruiting (e.g. when you want to equip 2 or more typos of mercenaries) click road in front of specified AI soldier. Also you need to do this when you start equiping concrete unit. (will try to fix it later)

You can build only one TH. But be sure you don't need more

Rebel, militia and rogue - 2 gold
Vagabond - 3 gold
Barbarian&Warrior - 5 gold

The only change from TPR is cost of rebel (2 instead 1)

I hope you old wishes will come true =) Wait for feedback. If anyone wants, give us translations to your native language.
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Post 30 Jan 2016, 08:02

Re: The Land of Mercenaries

These guys are amazing!
They keep on modding KaM Remake in unimaginable ways!
I salute you! :)
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