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Re: Little minigame

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2017, 13:17
by Black
In my map version there were 2 achievements, one for gold and other for serfs. In jeronimo's version there is only gold, but there are 3 level of this achievements; and yes the idea is to invest some of your income to get an advantage in the future.

Although i want to add some Random Stuff, other achievements and something else to make the gameplay more various. I will implement this in the 8p version, and maybe then i will update also the 2p version.
Mercenaries are a good idea for me, maybe also bombs... Let me know if you have other ideas which 'fit' with this mode ;)

Re: Little minigame

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2017, 19:37
by RandomLyrics
Some ideas:
    1. + 10% income to teams/players who control middle/center. (e.g. who have more troops in center area or on unit cross ).
    2. tech upgrades tier1 (rebel), tier2 (axeman), tier3 (swordsman) // just for consider, i like this mod without tech upgrades.
    3. Storehouse and school are indestructible untill 2 towers are down. (kind sequence destruction of buidlings).
    4. Waves clearers - huge group of barbs spawned at middle every 5 or 10 minutes, but dies when attack house (clear only units). Good bonus for low players (rethink, kinda reset match), for pros nothing changed(they have to destroy you a little slower xD) or you can make it funnier, not every X minutes but every X total deaths :)) (e.g. for 1v1, 2 players lost 100 units, run event).
    5. i would delete "points rewerd for kills", leave "points" to only work with income. i would make new currency for that, "Anger"/"Special Points" and use them to buy bonuses. for exmaple: i have 50 anger points and use them to spawn barbs (naturally barbs are not anymore acciesible with normal points) (it could give some extra tactical move, "should i wait with my special spawn and keep for 2 special spawns? or run all in" and so on).
    And special currency could be used for any special purchesases/bonuses.
    6. Repair towers, spend 10 points to spawn 2 labores to fix your towers health, or single tower. Or spend 10 special points for that.
    7. Seasoing prices. every 10 minutes "winter comes" for 3/5 minutes. Prices for all groups for all players are rised to 150% or 200%. (tactical move, e.g. "ill keep points to attack during winter, my enemy should have no more money to defend").
    8. maybe it could be better to read to change view of units like that: (separted by type then tier).

Re: Little minigame

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2017, 15:09
by Black
Thank you for sharing your ideas ;)

Number 1, 4 and 7 are good for me
Number 3: Cpu-controlled soldiers should have already towers as priority target, so you can destroy other buildings only with your troops, and this is fine like this i think.
Number 5: I don't know, i''m afraid that 'splitting points' can create a bit confusion. Reward points for kill is a way to make you consider with care if buy a stronger type of unit.

Anyway, if there is someone who wants to help me with the 8p version or work on it by himself for me wuold be really good; i will have exams in a few days, and so really few time for Kam