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A little game

PostPosted: 28 Jun 2018, 20:12
by thunder
Hi all,

Some days ago I found an unfinished map in my map archive. Its not a big secret but I'm a bit out of the KaM life nowadays, and don't really have too much mood to work on stuffs for KaM. Probably could manage time , several hours per week to finish it very soon. But I still don't feel should do it...
I heard lots of times from players need more maps even more etc... But does the community really need new ones or enough that 9,5 always played maps? Just because there are several maps which are kind of forgiven category and barely used to be played them. Event not for fun either... The reasons used to be kind of answers because 'this and that map is strange', 'I did not know the map is exist' , 'map is bullshit', 'eat your butter f....r' etc... :P

So based on this I offer a game to the community. If the community wants a new Thunder- map then prove it really wants that map. But I guess there are tons of shitty ones to play so probably the community not require new ones :mrgreen:

The community should not do too much only post or send replays into this topic about 10 games about forgotten maps (played after 28th July 2018). 60minutes normal games, speed 1-1,5x. With this the community proves that really needs new maps and gives motivation to mapmakers who are spending lots of time and passions to create new stuffs.
The games about the follow maps(1replay about each maps and with the full possible players, so summa 10 replays about 10 different maps):
-The Pro, The Noob, The Bold (3v3)
-Complication in Simplycity (4v4; 2+2 v 2+2)
-The Dark Matter (1v1)
-Entropy of the Hell (1v1)
-A GloryDay 2.1 (4v4)
-Sunday Light (1v1)
-OUT86 (4v4)
-Volcanic Violence (4v4)
-Restoring Pride(4v4)
-Reprisal to Odas(2v2)

I guess it is an easy thing and the community would get a map very soon after posted the replays. I guess it is a fair offer. As I'm sure won't touch map editor without motivation(passion is always there :wink: ).


Re: A little game

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2018, 18:32
by Just_Harry
Hey thunder,
recently i have made some maps and i totally understand you. I wanted my map to be "tested" and created a lobby so that people join. Lobby was full and than someone said "change map pls, it doesnt look good on minimap". Just insane that people dont want to try out something new. When i gave him host he choose the most overplayed map right now. On the one hand they wont more maps on the other hand they are not ready to give atleast good critsm so the next map will be better. Sad...

Re: A little game

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2018, 19:50
by thunder
Hey Harry,

Minimum one game used to happen on a new map if that one hitting the threshold and the noobish players can make a prebuild on it :P
Even interesting players are talking about the fun play in another topic meanwhile this 'playing only one kind of map' is kind of tournament behaviour. Probably not used the proper words, but I guess see what I meant.
I guess every year has 1-2overplayed map what is actually normal. (probably not in timeorder but: Across+Boarder R8P; BitD+GoldenC; Annie+Cursed+DoW; TFF+I&G,Eruption6+ShadowR+Rebound; Eruption8-WoJ....and do not forget the year of The same locs :wink: ) One-to overplayed map is good to compare the players performance.

Of course some maps are better than the others and this is a complex thing and could discuss about lot. The map quality is probably only 30-40% of the reason to be played. The remained 60-70% is about the building part and about the fighting zone. Even if a map has lower quality the building and the fighting has to be enjoyable on a map. I think a very good example is The Final Frontier. The original version had acceptable map quality what was not the greatest but the map offers fair and balanced building and fight and the map itself has good idea behind it. The new version of the map let be probably too much, hit the eyes of the players and they decided to totally ignore the newer version. (Personally I like that To invested time to fix and upgrade his older maps. The BitD changes were very good and solid changes but in my opinion the TFF is not the most succes upgrade based on the numbers of the played games on it.)

Even why the players should choose a weaker quality map? Why do I have to play a Shadow Realm copy paste map if I can go to play on Bonsai or secret zone?? :mrgreen:

I guess the current situation is very fine or much better than was years before. Few years ago the community had around 10 good quality maps to play. Nowadays this number is over 100. (over 50 for sure) The sad things is the players not really know these maps or there aren't a good map map-package or download link for these maps. And I'm absolutely not discussing about the scripted maps, except the classical build order. Okay then there were 10 maps for all kind of players...and now there are 1000different maps and game modes for the same amount of players.