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World Editor?


Sir Peter

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Post 30 Dec 2008, 18:45

World Editor?

Is it possible that you can combine all the editors into one? And name it... "World Editor", for example?
Terrain + Mission + Graphics + Object + Scenario (+ Text) = World Editor

Is that possible?



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Post 30 Dec 2008, 22:25

But that's a lot of work, it's easier to split it in separate projects


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Post 30 Dec 2008, 23:02

Yeah, in fact this would be much work.
It would be easier if you create something like "KaM-pack" which includes everything you need to edit KaM. A executable with buttons like "Start Map Editor" or "Start Graphic Editor" could also be kind of useful. But it's not necessary at all if you already got all needed tools to modify KaM + missions.

Just let us wait 1-2 years when a "World Editor" could be a big project, the "final" project :wink: (beside the KaM Remakes)


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Post 31 Dec 2008, 08:34

Well, thats never gonna happen :)
Cos next thing you need - LiveCD with KaM OS for KaM PC.

Separate tools are there for a reason - there's no sense in combining some tools and no worth effort combing others.

I can say from own experience - I made whole set of editing tools for WorldRacing games, but I never planned to ajoin them in one. It would be like a Swiss army knife - all tools are worse than if they were one-by-one in a toolbox. Specialized tools always win over universal :)

Another example, actualy good one - Unreal games SDK, which includes everything you need to make a mod or a game, from CounterStrike to DeusEx. Still you need a whole lot of other tools to draw graphics, spell-check texts, model 3D, etc...
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