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New and please help mee !!!



Post 21 Jun 2009, 14:44

New and please help mee !!!

What I must to to create a map and play it against AI ?!

I have the game , the Map Editor and everything but I can't load/play any map that I have made :|

Also I save the map now so I can finish it later and all the buildings(starting building of every race) vanish after I load the map to finish it .

Also is there any way to improve the AI playing style ?

I want to make a map like 2 Humans vs 4 AI (2 bridges and 1 swamp cross) but I can't make it work :(

Can someone help me out please !!!

Regards !


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Post 22 Jun 2009, 11:32

First of all I'll tell you the bad news: You can't make a mission with more than one human against AI. It can either be Human vs Humans or one human vs 1 or more AIs.

Also, the AI playing style can only be improved so far. While there are some things you can do to make they behave more intelligently, KaM is too limited to make a really complex AI.

Creating a map is complicated. The first thing you did wrong was only creating the map. You need to make two files in order to play a map:
1. You need a .MAP file. This file contains the terrain, and is best made with Krom's map editor. (which I think you are using)
2. Then you need a mission file. (.DAT) This file contains information like buildings, AI, troops, etc. It should not be made using Krom's map editor unless you know what you are doing! It would be better for you to use my mission editor:

First, make and save the map in Krom's editor. Put it under "KaM Dir\data\mission\smaps\" (but with no spaces or special characters)
Then open up my mission editor. I recommend you read parts of the help file. It explains how to make you mission work and where to save things. Look under: Getting Started -> Playing Your Mission.

Make a new mission in my mission editor, and select your map file. You can then place buildings, troops, goals, AI commands and so on. It is complicated but if you experiment and use the help you will work it out.

Please let me know if you want more help.

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