Post 23 Nov 2019, 12:45

Modding KaM Models

Hi KaM Community!
For a map I'm working on I would like to change a few models in KaM. I already figured out how to export the models and I can apply my desired changes. I also found the tutorial Krom uploaded on his GitHub for 'modding graphics'. There it says I just have to "Place the replacement graphics into \KaM Remake\Sprites\ folder preserving file names (e.g. 4_0003.png)." but in my KaM Version (10240) all Sprites are compressed into .rxx files. I believe because of this I can't change the Sprites by just adding a .png file into this folder.
What do I have to do to either uncompress the .rxx file / overwrite the information stored within this file? I would love to play around with modified models so this would a big help :)
best regrads