Post 03 Mar 2020, 07:03

TSK 14 Won in 25.5 Minutes (r6720) with 0 Losses

Okay, not really my favorite thing to do anymore, but I was in a mood to abuse the AI, so I decided to do what I have been wanting to do with TSK 14 for several years now. (I am still aiming to use TSK 14 as my first official Master Building Map, so in a way, me uploading this video is hysterical, given the nature of the video that I will upload next about TSK 14!)

TSK 14 in 25m30s (0 Losses).zip

Also, here's a video screen-recording of it, for those who don't have r6270 installed:
Knights and Merchants (KaM) Remake - TSK 14 in 25 5 Minutes in r6720 (0 Losses)

As I mention in the video description,
  • I did not slow down game times speed for this win.
  • Therefore, it can most certainly be won FASTER, especially if you don't care about losing 0 men AND with the fact that you can "see what works" and can give yourself the ability to "see everything" at once, should you decide to slow down the game time speed.
  • 0 Losses. Given the approach, I guess this shouldn't be surprising. (And I got pretty lucky against those xbows. :O )

Have a nice day.
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