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Buildings in Kam remake




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Post 07 Jan 2021, 12:22

Buildings in Kam remake

Can you build townhall and siege workshop in multiplayer? idk if i am having bad version or Is it not there?
(played single player for years just now figured out that they made multiplayer)


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Post 10 Jan 2021, 19:10

Re: Buildings in Kam remake


You are looking for r12485++ versions.

Quoted from Teamspeak channel server:


KMR Beta r12485

Citizens stop walking to the Inn if it was destroyed

Changes in game save:
- greatly reduced save time, its about 3 times faster now.
- fixed huge lag after end of PT (up to couple of seconds)
- fixed lag when go to lobby or stop the game
- compress .sav and .bas save files
Overall all save files are compressed and made by asynch thread

Game settings changes:
- game settings are saved in XML format
- move settings into %MYDOCUMENTS%/My Games/Knights and Merchants Remake/ folder, so they will be reused between game versions
- split all settings into server settings (in the .ini file) and game settings (in the .xml file)
- move hotkeys into the settings, reused between versions as well

Added hotkeys to control sound/music volume, mute, music shuffle
Added support for multimedia keys on keyboard
Fix some keys were caught by KMR app and other apps could not handle them (f.e. keyboard media keys)
Fix game sound could not recognise new device, so music and sounds could be heard on different devices
RMG minor fixes
Rename script util functions RoundToUp / RoundToDown to CeilTo / FloorTo. Add RoundTo and TruncTo util functions
Options menu: set default resolution to currently used resolution in OS
Fix campaign video / music / briefing audio interaction
Set starting video as upscaled version of TPR Logo video
Campaign builder is no longer need any dll's
Updated Overbyte to version 8.64 with better support of Delphi 10.4 Sydney
Its not allowed to change speed pace setting from the KaM Remake Settings file

Fixes for TPR / TSK: do not block pigs delivery to AI storehouse on TSK04. Minor fixes for mines placement on TSK14, TPR09, TPR 12
Minor fixes to coop maps TSK09 and TPR03 by @andreus

Best Regards,

PS:Siege units are not avaiable for game play yet, but their images are there.

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