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Forum dead?




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Post 11 Aug 2023, 19:33

Forum dead?

Managed to dig out my username & details somehow as recently decided to get back into playing a fair this place completely dead, or are there surviving members that have migrated elsewhere? I see no real activity...

If so would like to get involved if there's anyone still around using another forum/app!


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Post 12 Aug 2023, 01:01

Re: Forum dead?

Yes, this forum has been pretty much dead for at least 3 years. Some former members went to KaM Discord. (There are a lot of new members there too.) There are also other Discord servers (some much more friendly than KaM discord), but I don't have the links.

And last I recall, I heard that the new moderation team on this forum (which is the same as the moderators on the KaM Discord channels) do not allow new members on this forum because of all of the spammers who were advertising tennis shoes! (Just read the mChat history. You will see a lot of jokes about it.)
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