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I was wondering if there is a international community for this game around.
Short movie about the game I found:


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Re: Theocracy

I know this cool game! :D It's a pity it haven't got any sequel. :(



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Re: Theocracy

Yeah. :(



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Re: Theocracy

Because there is no any significant community that excists today, let me say an essay about this unique software production :D

This game for me is connected with Knights and Merchants. After having expierenced in my childhood first pc games and rts games - that is Earth2140 and KaM - I got hunger for more strategy/rts games. After some classics as for today games in this genre like Age of Empires 2, I found out about the new released then game - Theocracy. For a small group players, no matter if they were children either adults, who have met this game at 2000 A.D., it made a deep impression. Very similar to expierences of playing first days in KaM. Till today we would all together claim that this game has a "climate", it provides an unique good feeling.
In short words what it is like - it's like mix Total War and Europa Universalis with the level of complexity fitting to games from 90s. so game is bad for replaying more times. The action happens in Meso-america pre-columbian time which is also quite rare in RTS genres.
Some months ago I tried to refresh this game by adding some new fondations and rules. Also recorded and updated first hours of playing by this way. If you want to try or retry this old game, please have a glance at one my videos. I discountinued playing and uploading because editting work was too tiring. But in general I think new rules are worth of applying. Just more challenge and fun. ... gOM-0gm9UF

I copy-paste the description below my videos, so you guys don't need to open youtube if you don't want open videos.

"Humanism appeares in Meso-america in 100 hundred years before Columbus.

Challenge Rules I follow to make this game realistic and interesting . Difficulty level is not increased so much by applying them but this is not my main intention. I want to present a "legit" walkthrough with some new final goals that would refresh this unique strategic game


a) No human sacrifice

b) If possible no using magic

c) No using exploits and glitches
- specific rule for hospital glitches: if I build large hospital, try to finish it as soon as possible and I must not build medium hospital.

d) Handicap for AI. No conquering for 5 first years in the campaign.
Why at least 5 years? Because after this time I get message about weakness of the neighbouring neutral provinces. Before it - how could I get know about scale of forces in the game? If I send scout first I will need 10x of initial force for conquering this province.

e) Early conquering limitation. For my goal I meet 1 serious problem at the early stage. If I used previously got knowledge about neutral provinces I would emerge a decent empire at very fast pace. But it would be unfair and unreal.
I will try to expanding in reasonable and legit way. Legitimating note will follow each decision on conquering.

d) No defensive positioning when attack a province. If I bring army to conquer, I should move army toward enemy position and find the victory on the open field as quick as possible. So it means no exploiting narrow passage. I can use forrests cover up if they are on my way.

Additional New Goals:
a) try to not let my people die from starvation
b) build a huge pyramid in each provinces to agree province view with global view/world map
c) when the Spanish come: slavery should be reduced to minimum. Only one slave in production buildings.
d) when the Spanish come: each inhabitated province has at least small hospital
e) when the Spanish come: accumulate jewelry in the number 1000 or 10 000 for each owned provinces. In other words as much as possible.
f) no using animals for fighting

About video presentations:
Original gameplay records are edited. I delete many moments of obvious activities such as
- assigning newborn or small number of newcome slaves / workers
- wondering what to do, where to build, checking what resources are available.
- moving around units in a province, organizing army formation etc.

I often show micromanagment movies that concern
- large number of newcome units into a province
- changing assignment of greater amount of workforce = meaningful changes

I try always show all movement in the "world" map. What kind of goods/units are moving through provinces, where they go."

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