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Unable to block wares in 2nd warehouse TPR

PostPosted: 10 Oct 2018, 22:10
by theblitched
Today while playing Mission 4 TSK, using TPR GoG edition I ran into a bug.
I build a 2nd warehouse near my 'Metallurgist's" I blocked all wares except Gold, So my serfs can store the gold in this warehouse and don't have to travel so far.
Even though all other wares were blocked my serfs started bringing corn, wood, stone from all over my city. completely destroying the efficienty of my city.

I already know about KAM Remake unfortunately it's not an option for me for offline play, With those weak ranged units and confusing behaviour of AI in certain missions it's not fun. I only use Remake for multiplayer.

Is this a known bug in TPR and what is causing it? Anyone have a way to fix this? The efficiency of my town is getting hindered :)

Re: Unable to block wares in 2nd warehouse TPR

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2018, 08:27
by thunder

I'm sorry, but the efficiency of your village is good if have to use storehouse or storehouses. (Rather go trade the not used items.I know it's SP.) Anyway storing wares is not the best option as you block lots of serfs with not necessary walking time and this is absolutely not efficient. Make a 2nd or 3rd school and store the gold in those. I've seen player with 7++schools also. Ok that happened in multiplayer game with 120pt....
The most efficient villages used to have destroyed storehouse :wink: