Windows 2000 & XP




E: When I try to install the game I get an error message!

S: To solve this one make a short cut to the setup file and put the compability mode to Windows 95 or 98. If this does not work, see the problem below.



E: When I install the following message appears: "C:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running Ms-Dos and Microsoft Windows Applications. Choose close to terminate the application."

S: This is a rather complicated problem and you need acces to your Windows CD in order to fix this.
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E: When I start the game it instantly crashes (or causes illegal operation)!

S: This is a really common problem and there's no 100% surely working fix, but you could try patching the game to either 1.30 or 1.32, and if that doesn't help check your CD wether you would happen to find KaM_800.exe and KaM_1024.exe and copy them to your Knights and Merchants folder. You can also try checking whether you have set the compability mode on as KAM does NOT like the compability mode (although it seems to run under 2000 as compability) and therefore crashes. If noone of these work you could try getting additional help at the forums.



E: The music doesn't play!

S: This could be caused by different things, and most likely is not related to Windows XP. There's the chance that your CD is scratched and there's nothing you can do, except for trying to clean your CD. Another reason can be that your CD-Drive can't read RedBook audio data which is how the audio was recorded into the CD. In order to allow your CD-drive to read RedBook audio, you might need to check if the audio cable is attached to your CD-drive. For more information about doing this, please read this.



E: The movies get skipped!

S: This seems to occur on all 2000 & XP machines, and it can be fixed in a really complicated way which is illegal as well so I can't help you, sorry!



E: I still can't get my game to work!

S: I'm sorry but I don't know any other methods. You could try asking for further help at the forums.









E: My game crashes only after some minutes of playing! It's very annoying...

S: These crashes occur on some Windows XP computers and you can fix them installing 1.58 patch or newer.