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Strange Streaming Behavior




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Post 26 May 2021, 12:32

Strange Streaming Behavior

I am trying to stream KaM remake with on twitch.
However, after a while the stream starts turning off and on again always switching after x minutes on the output of twitch but no problems showing on the obs sending side. The vod after gets horrible cut into pieces.
I am streaming other games successfully and my obs statistics and the bitrate are very fine.

So my question is does the application of KaM remake somehow interfere into streaming in any possible way?


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Post 26 May 2021, 17:59

Re: Strange Streaming Behavior

I stream with vanilla OBS on Linux, so it may be a bit different, but I never had any problems, and I didn't hear about anyone having them on Windows. Try streaming to another platform to see if the same thing happens (I expect it will be the same), or even better, try with another software (vanilla OBS, etc.), to see if it's related to software or your PC in general. You may also try to switch to another encoder (x264/nvapi/amd thing/...) to try to narrow it down.

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