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Leather Wars - Edited




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Post 26 Feb 2018, 23:50

Leather Wars - Edited

I really like the map Leather Wars. But I thought some things needed changing. I mostly made this for myself to play, but I figured Id post it and share it in case anyone else would like to use it as well.

I want to do something in the West, Maybe add a second place either for a Co-Op map or, a second Village which helps attack with you? Maybe as a Separate Version all together.

*** Edited ***
ver 0.03

- I have changed no scripts as of yet.
- Ive change alot of the landscape around the Starting Storehouse.
- I added in a stream comming from the east. With a few bridges for better defenses.
- I added in a small pond with some fish.(Those rocks that where there before sucked, the pond looks better anyways)
- A fisherman and Vineyard are placed for decoraction. But they do function.
- Added in extra Gold and Coal to the East.
- Added in Gold, Coal & Iron to the North East
- Iron Mining Turned On. Theres about 100 Units to the north. And the little bit here and there.
- Knights are turned off.

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Post 03 Mar 2018, 10:22

Re: Leather Wars - Edited

Great map. I had much fun playing it, but came across some strange things. The wine fields you placed for the starting playing isn't working. You have to build new wine fields for the farmer to start making wine. The same happend with fields for farmers for the AI. Another thing is that almost everyone on the enemy team is never hungry. The only people who needed food is the AI on the right upper side.

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