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Helping with maps translations



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Helping with maps translations

Hello, guys. I'm a longstanding fan of this game (not a good player, but still love it), and when I was a child I used to play it a lot (I'm 16 years old), and I was forced to understand what everything was, 'cause I didn't understand the language of the game (still not understand), but now, that my country has players too (I'm from Brazil), I wanna help translating some maps objectives/stories/everything like this, and I'm not a programmer to find where these things are, so I would like to have the whole things to translate of any map so I can translate it from English to Brazillian Portuguese. I don't know if this topic is apropriated to be here, any problem, delete it. Cheers!!


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Re: Helping with maps translations

Create a new translation: If your language is not available in the KaM Remake yet you can create the translation yourself and have it included in the official releases! Please email us about this before you start so we can send you proper instructions and make sure there are not two people creating the same translation.
Contact: or

You'll be then contacted back by the devs, as soon as they read your email.

You should then be sent a program that makes it easy to translate nearly everything in the game... said program can show and edit any translation, so if you're unsure about the meaning of the text you're translating but know languages other than your own and English, then you can "peek" and see how the other translators handled said text.
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