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Update! 9.6.2005
old_website.gif It has been a long time since the last update but here it is! I've added some walkthroughs and made new parts of this website accessible and made some small tweaks to the FAQ. Also in other news the Polish version of SR2 is available and some progress has been made with the level editor. A petition about Knights & Merchants source code is also being made by Polish Knights and Merchants fans.




Service Release 2 Available! 31.3.2005

TPR.gifMaybe a bit late but Service Release 2 has been released! It's available
on in German & Dutch. The Polish version is also coming soon and maybe a Hungarian one as well? It has not been added to the downloads of this website due to the fact that it's on a temporary host.




New website lay-out online! 12.3.2005
old_website.gifCooperating with The Knight, a new layout has been created for this website. Most of the credits goes straight to him, with me adding some small things and tweaking others. For those who never saw the original site (most of you probably), here's a screenshot of it.




Numerous new sections online 21.1.2005
old_website.gifAdded "Characters", Contact Me, Campaign Strategies, TPR & TSK walkthroughs.




Website launched 16.1.2005
old_website.gifFirst version of the site finally online!