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Update, kind of...  22.6.2006
old_website.gifNo updates for a long long time, but I decided to whip up a small one for you. I've added information to the building and character sections on whether they are in TSK or TPR to avoid further questions, and I've updated the terrain editor pages with more recent information about Krom's editor. This time a screenshot has also been included!





New Knights and Merchants Trial!  24.5.2006

TPR.gifA new type of demo version has been released of Knights and Merchants - The Peasants Rebellion. It includes the full game, but you are limited to playing it for 30 minutes total. The demo is approx. 140 mb in size due to the fact that everything is included in it, so modem users can only dream about playing this version of the demo. Download it from here!Also as I promised on the forums, I decided to release an incomplete version of my document decribing some of the commands that can be used when creating a mission.
I don't know how easy it's to understand what I have written so send me an e-mail if you got some suggestions on how to improve it! It's currently in txt format only and can be viewed from here. (Mirror)


Also as I promised on the forums, I decided to release an incomplete version of my document decribing some of the commands that can be used when creating a mission.
I don't know how easy it's to understand what I have written so send me an e-mail if you got some suggestions on how to improve it! It's currently in txt format only and can be viewed from here (dead).


Some of you probably noticed that the site had a three day downtime due to the fact that the host had some problems, but the forums were still functional until recently, when they also started bugging. However right now everything seems to be in order so if you find anything broken e-mail me!





New hope for Knights and Merchants 2?  7.5.2006

Joymania.gifIt seems like Peter Ohlamm and Adam Sprys (the members of Joymania) have founded a new company called "OHLMANN PETER & SPRYS ADAM GBR". In theory this means that they are both alive so the fact that they could be developing Knights and Merchants 2 is not impossible. However don't get your hopes up, as noone yet knows what this really means. The name change is really strange as I think Joymania is a better name for a company. More news will probably follow!


Thanks to Buggy for discovering this!


Update! - 9.5.2006
It seems like this comapny has in fact been in existance for about 8 years according to The Knight, so this news can probably be ignored!





Mission files decoded, editor under development!  5.5.2006

TPR.gifLast time it was bad news, well this time it's time for good news. ;)
As I mentioned in the decoding section the mission files were decoded and the results were published but they dissapeared. Now I managed to contact free_sms_km thanks to Krom and got the results of his decoding. So in conclusion, why are you still reading this? Go of to the decoding section and figure out how to make yourself some missions!


In other new Krom has started writing an editor for Knights and Merchants. It's progressing in a nice speed and he told that a terrain editor will first be released, and later a mission editor. The editor looks promising, a screenshot of it was also shown but has unfortunately been lost somewhere.


Then to last some news about the website. The forums dissapeared so I had to make new ones (that's what you get with free hosts....), and as no backups were ever made of the old ones all posts have been lost. I hope it's not such a big problem for you!
I also fixed the last layout bugs that could be fixed which showed up in Firefox (yes I lied to you last time), those were non-scrolling backgrounds and roll-over picture descriptions.





Terrain editor & Mission editor cancelled  10.4.2006

TPR.gifI cannot always bring good news, and that is the case today. Both the terrain editor and the mission editor have been canceled. The reason is that The Barbarian has too little sparetime nowdays so he doesn't have time to develop the tools further, Questions about cheating has also rised when developing, and further problems have also been a part of the decision to cancel the editors. The projects are not expected to return, but wonders can always happen.


We must say a big Thank you! to The Barbarian because without him there would be no Graphics Reader, no Style Editor, no Patch Pack and much less the Service Release.

Let's wish The Barbarian luck with his life!





Firefox lay-out bugs fixed!  9.4.2006
old_website.gifYou read it, it's true!!! I managed to fix almost all of the fixable layout bugs left that show up in firefox. The rest are not really bugs, instead they use such code that firefox doesn't yet support (colored scrollbars & non-scrolling backgrounds). Some sections have also been updated with some small things. The CD-Cover page has been optimized (it loaded about 7mb before) so now it only loads the images that you want. I also removed a lot of dead code (FrontPage seems good in making dead code) but not nearly all of it. You can also access the forum now by going to!





Another update!  18.3.2006
old_website.gifI decided to change my updating style so that I wait until I've got a lot of sections to update, so from now on the updates will be fewer but more changes will be made on every update.There's a lot of new information and stuff on the site so feel free to explore. I also found a new patch while searching through the internet, the Polish 1.53 patch! it can now be downloaded and I've updated the version history page with some new information! In other news also the ELP 3 has been released, it's currently a beta and I've already told The Knight about serval bugs that it has but they will be fixed overtime. The new animations on the character page seemed to have a little problem so I remade them and they should be perfect now. I'm currently interested if anyone happens to know what the frame delay is in 8 frame, 7 frame and 20 frame animations. Maps can now also be downloaded and some new covers and artwork are available. The video patch has been removed due to problems (It didn't work as supposed).





Enchantment of Character page  24.2.2006
old_website.gifI enchanted the character page a bit to make it look a bit nicer. I took away the old animations and put some new ones instead as the old ones had a problem I discovered later. I'm currently working on adding a lot of animations into the character page but it's very time consuming.





TPR translations online  11.2.2006
TPR.gifThe translations made for TPR that I know of are now available. They are the first English translation for 1.58 PP, the second release of it for 1.58 SR2 and the full and minium install of the Czech translation. The full Czech translation includes dubs making it a large download for those with 56k, or even worse 28k. As always you can find them from the downloads section.





New sections online + minor tweaks  9.2.2006
old_website.gifThe graphics reader, style editor and terrain editor sections are now accessable. I've also made some minor tweaks into different pages of this website and also fixed some small spelling/grammatical mistakes on the page. A section which covers all the bugs from The Peasants Rebellion is also available.





Wallpapers changed  8.2.2006
old_website.gifBecause of the huge size of some of the wallpapers I decided to compress them. They are now available in gif format and their size ranges from around 200kb-500kb. Now some of you might wonder why I choose gif instead of jpg, but personally I like gif as I think it compresses more the files than jpg and there's absolutely no quality loss.





Forum online!  ?.2.2006





Major update!  6.2.2006
old_website.gifMost of you probably thought this was just another of those short living websites, however actually I just had some hosting problems and at last it seems like I found a good host. If you're looking for one why don't you check out Anyways the updates on this site are major and I really can't sum up what I've done so feel free to look around!