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First sign of life from Coreplay!  6.12.2007

Coreplay.gifNot much has been revealed about this mysterious company where Peter Ohlmann is currently employed. Yesterday, the website of this company saw a major overhaul and now you can find screenshots and artwork from their current project(s)! No information or anything more specific has been announced yet, but it looks like we might be seeing yet another company developing first person shooters in the future. Thanks to Merchant_992 for this news!






New downloads, artwork and bugfixes  27.11.2007

old_website.gifFollowing the recent quite big update, a number of bugs were found on the website. Most of these should be fixed now, so you should be able to enjoy browsing through the content without anykind of problems. If you do find something, please contact me and I will fix this!

Other than just bugfixes, this update also inlcudes the addition of numerous things. Firstly, some new downloads are now available. For example, Lewin Hodgman's edtior has been updated to version 0.2 which includes translations. Other additions are a briefing editor for The Shattered Kingdom and a new graphics reader by Harold providing some interesting features.
Some fanart that I have managed to find whilst browsing the web have also been added. Finally, you will also notice that some new information can be found from the decoding section!





Knights and Merchants 2 - What there truly was...  22.11.2007

KaM2.gifDuring the past few years, many attempts have been made to find out what was going on with the true sequel to the game, Knights and Merchants 2. Those few answers that have been recived all lead us to the same conclusion, there was no Knights and Merchants 2 and there will not ever be. Little did we know, there was actually something going on behind the scenes...


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Major website update!  19.11.2007
old_website.gifThe site has been somewhat dead in the past months with the last update in April. Now I got around to do some quite major updates to the site and a lot of sections have had either minor or major changes. New sections are e.g. in-depth development history sections for both The Peasants Rebellion and The Shattered Kingdom. In other news, I finally managed to locate official quite high-res artwork for this game, so anyone who is even remotely interested in these things should check out the artwork section (also the old stuff is gone). Furtherly there are now also some new walkthroughs available with hopefully more coming soon and a section for an upcoming fan-game, Knights and Merchants: The Kingdom Expanded has been added! There should be enough content to keep you entertained for a few hours! =) Oh and did I mention that the Joymania section also recieved a nice update so it's actually worth reading now!
One last thing that might also make visitors happy is that the sidebars now work in low resolutions and all the ads that were added at some point to the website are now gone! This is the result of moving to a new host. The new url is





The Peasants Rebellion now finally released for Linux!  22.4.2007

TPR.gifMaybe a month old, but news nonetheless, Knights and Merchants - The Peasants Rebellion for Linux went gold on February 26, and was by March 13 available for purchase at most well stocked Linux retailers. I haven't got around to try it, so I cannot tell how good it's quality is, but looking at Linux Game Publishings experience with porting games it has to be quite good. A free to try demo version was also released which you can find from the download section. To celebrate this release, I've decided to add files for other operating systems like Mac and Linux to the downloads section! (The downloads are now sorted alphabetically for easier browsing and a lot of broken mirrors have been fixed!)


Update: Sorry for completely false information! After all these years, it seems like The Shattered Kingdom finally saw it's release for Linux!





New, better, faster solution for taking screenshots! 20.4.2007
TSKTPR.gifThis news mainly applies to The Peasants Rebellion as taking screenshots is impossible without using an external tool. So what is the news, YOU CAN NOW FINALLY TAKE SCREENSHOTS USING PRINTSCREEN WITHOUT MESSING UP THE PALETTE!!! How, you ask? A small modification into your system registry will allow this. As I'm aware that some people might not be able to do this, I've made a .reg file available from the downloads section (Screenshot Fix) which will automatically write the required strings into your system registry once you launch it. We must thank jbsnorro for this discovery!





Krom's Terrain Editor Updated - Now with Editing Features!  24.1.2007
TSKTPR.gifFor all folks that have been eager to edit maps will be very interested in this news. Krom has updated his editor so that it can actually edit the terrain. Currently it is only recommended to create maps from scratch as the "smart tiling" feature stores some additional data not found in the actual terrain files. To download it go to the downloads section!





A New Terrain Editor Finally Released! 23.1.2007
TSKTPR.gifA new terrain editor has been released by a member of the forums who goes by the name Krom. It is still in very early stages and can't actually edit the maps, but it contains some nice map viewing features like zooming and actual height display which looks close to what the height differences look like in the actual game! Let's hope that Krom finds the motivation to continue the editor so that we might one day get a complete mission editor!





Finally Some Long Aftersought Life for the Site!  23.1.2007
old_website.gifI finally decided to return into updating this site. There's not too much new things here. A new section called resources which surprise, surprise explains what all the resources do and how to produce them. Some minor edits have also been made to various sections but nothing really big. The walkthroughs section is still highly unfinished. A visitor at the forums, WFTonyD15 said that he was interested in helping, but I have yet to receieve any walkthroughs from him.