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Finally a Fully Working Fix for Windows Vista & Seven!  25.11.2009

TSKTPR.gifPeople who have been courageous enough to update to Windows Vista despite all the bad word that is spreading around about it, or went even further and got themselves Seven have no doubt experienced the horrible performance that Knights and Merchants offers when run under either of these systems.
The most obvious problem is that the game is very sluggish and won't run at near full speed no matter what you do. And if running under Seven, random palette corruptions were normal which made it sometimes very hard to figure out what was going on.

But you know what? Those days are finally over, as a fix courtesy of and supplied by T*AnTi-V!RuZz will fix all of these, yeah all of these problems! If nothing else, you might want to offer your gratitude to by buying a few titles to keep the spirit of old games and fixing them alive!
You can find the fix from the downloads section.





Engine Remakes Section Redone  27.4.2009
old_website.gifA new section has been added, engine remakes, under which The Kingdom Expanded has also been relocated. Other than relocating and updating the information about The Kingdom Expanded with some new screenshots, a section for the KaM Remake by Krom has also been added. As there is hardly any information about it yet, the section is quite poor on info but it does include all screenshots that have been released plus the town demonstration video.





Tool Updating Spree!  26.04.2009
TSKTPR.gifBoth Lewin and Krom seem to have been busy updating their tools. The mission editor by Lewin now has the capability of displaying both soldiers and their defense positions graphically! He also went ahead updating his text editor and you can now change the encoding it uses for displaying the text, which is very useful if you're planning on translating the game into your language. Oh and Krom also updated his terrain editor, new features including the possiblity of making maps with a size up to 1024x1024 tiles that can be useful if you plan on making a campaign where the missions are concentrated on the same area as you can then split it into smaller parts which the game can read. Some other stuff also got improved including the ability to make the water flow easier to control.