It’s been a long while without news, but things kept going in other places. So here’s a long story short:

The ownership has changed. is now run by the council (Thibmo, sado, Krom, Lewin, Vatrix, Ben)


KaM Remake

Is a mod for the Knights & Merchants programmed from scratch by Krom and Lewin. Featuring complete engine rewrite. Requires original game installation to be used. The latest public version is r6720 from 2013. New versions are under active development by Rey since 2017. There are several big improvements (random map generator, AI by Toxic, etc.), but there’s no release version yet.

Here’re some useful links:

Official KaM Remake website:

KaM Remake discord server:

KaM Remake TeamSpeak server: (

KaM Remake Facebook group:

KaM VK group:

Current KaM Remake repository:

Current KaM Remake wiki (mainly scripting ref):


Knights Province

Is a new RTS game inspired by KaM. Created from scratch in 3D. Under active development by Krom since 2013. Has 11 major Alpha versions released.

Here’re some useful links:

Official Knights Province website:

Knights Province discord server:


Wiki (mainly for dynamic scripting):

Patreon for Knights Province:

Steam page:

Facebook group: